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BakeDelights By Shingie

Custom couture cakes for any occasion

My Signature Traditional British Fruit Cake

No more hassles of ordering this rich and delicious cake from the UK. Traditional fruit cakes now available right here in the US ready to be shipped to you. Our rich fruit cake bases are made with only the highest quality ingredients to ensure your decorated cake will taste as good as it looks. The fruit is soaked in sherry for several days, and then baked in a special way which seals in the moisture. The cakes are wrapped in a plastic film which helps keep them moist, before being carefully packaged in sturdy individual boxes to protect them during the journey to you. Each cake has a shelf life of 12 months from baking. Cakes can be shipped to you iced or un-iced. All fruit cakes are baked to a target depth of 2.5”. Deeper cakes can be baked to special order – please call to discuss your requirements.

Traditional British Fruit Cakes Prices

6 inch $30

8 inch $50

10 inch $80

12 inch $120

Square cakes are $10 extra